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A message from the President


This year we were lucky to have a lot of support from industry and the meeting would not have been successful without them. Many thanks to all of our sponsors, but special mention must go to our long-standing Gold Sponsors, B Braun Medical UK who, in addition to financial support for our meeting, sponsor all of our prizes.

So, what was different, and what was new? Well, this year we ran the course as a 2-day course with the first day being focused on clinical symposia and parallel running (optional) scanning workshops. We started off the day with a ‘Game of Thrones’-based introduction which was followed by 5 of these symposia. These symposia were problem based scenarios with small lectures, interactive audience questions, and live scanning demos. The stage set up facilitated this process, and despite nearly 300 people being in the room, the feeling was intimate and engaging. In the audience, we were joined by Dr. Kathleen Ferguson, President of the association of anaesthetists, and Dr. Brian Kinirons, President of the college of anaesthesiologists of Ireland.

In addition to familiar ground dealing with clinical scenarios of upper limb, hip, knee and breast and chest, we covered Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in a clinically relevant manner to demonstrate the wider use of ultrasound in our clinical practice.

The evening meal was held in the beautiful Belfast City Hall where we treated to a drinks reception by the Lord Mayor of Belfast, followed by a delicious meal and some presidential after dinner speeches by Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Kinirons.

Day two began with the presentation of a Quaich (two handed Scottish drinking cup) to Dr. Morné Wolmarans, immediate past-president of RA-UK – hopefully – a new tradition!

This was followed by a fast-paced group of lectures and “how I do it sessions, leading up to the Bruce Scott Lecture by our Key Note Speaker Dr. Ki Jinn Chin from Toronto, Canada entitled “Opportunities and Challenges in the renaissance of Regional Anaesthesia”. Dr. Chin was then presented with his Quaich in the traditional manner.

The Pro-Con Power hour featured two different styles of debate, the first featuring myself and Dr. Lloyd Turbitt (winner TBD!), and the second Dr. Sandy Kopp and Dr. Kariem El-Boghdadly which was a lively informal but competitive discussion.

Dr. Stephen Haskins from New York then discussed the integration of Ultrasound into perioperative practice and demonstrated the importance of integration of this tool into modern medicine.

The final session covering TAP blocks (Dr. John McDonnell), Knees (Dr. Sandy Kopp) and Perioperative outcomes (Dr. Alan Macfarlane) began with the award ceremony carried out by Dr. Louise Moran and Dr. Brian Kinirons – prizes below: -

David Conn 1stPrize for Abstract & given oral presentation

Electronic Regional Anaesthesia Database: analysis on the quality of documentation of peripheral nerve blocks and the potential for a Welsh Regional Anaethesia Network

Dr. Marmar Htyn, Dr. Hywel Evans, Dr. David Burckett-St. Laurent, Dr. Muthuraja MarimuthuIMG 0058

2ndPrize – Poster

The addition of adductor canal block improves analgesia, functional outcome and decreases hospital length of stay after TKR

Dr. Lubica Merjava Skripecka, Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Dr. Shan Rajkumar, Dr. Christopher Goodland, Dr. Michael Warnock, Dr. Peter Merjavy

3rdPrize – Poster

Becoming future ready – devising training outcomes in regional anaesthesia for postgraduate trainees based on a survey of current practices

Dr. Aarati Bapat, Dr. Joe Lipton, Dr. Amit Pawa

Infographic Prize AND Social Media Prize

Thoracic Paravertebral Infographic

Dr. Ann BarronDr. Simon FitzGerald

B Braun Unsung Hero Award

Dr. Anand SardesaiIMG 0099

I hope that all who attended enjoyed the conference and appreciated the shift in our education style. If you liked what you saw, or if you feel that you missed out – we urge you to book you study leave for 18-19thMay 2020 for #RAUK20 in Sheffield.

All that remains is for me to thank our international speakers: Dr Ki Jinn Chin, Dr Sandy Kopp, Dr Stephen Haskins, Dr Pia Jæger, Dr Jan Boublik; all of our national treasures both in workshops and on stage – and last of all – you! Thanks for following us on our educational journey, for keeping engaged and for helping us make regional anaesthesia and point of care ultrasound relevant. 

See you next year in Sheffield!


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This second edition of the handbook covers the principles of ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia and the technique to perform all commonly used ultrasound-guided upper limb, lower limb, trunk and neuraxial blocks. It has been updated with all new images and sections on Quadratus Lumborum, Fascia Iliaca, Adductor Canal and Erector Spinae Block.

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