New AoA guidelines

RA-UK has been involved in two new guidelines from th Association of Anaesthetists.

Firstly, the association of anaesthestests has just published a new guidance on regional analgesia for lower leg trauma and the risk of acute compartment syndrome

This guideline stresses an important point about patient autonomy in the shared decision around pain control and risk of a rare but serious complication. It is bound to generate further discussions about this contentious topic.


Secondly, our immediate past president, Dr Amit Pawa was involved in the new standards for monitoring guideline. This shores up advice around the performance of regional anaesthesia in outside areas, and of second blocks during awake surgery.

Meetings & Courses

Looking for regional anaesthesia courses or events to attend?  Look at our Meetings Section which contains a list of forthcoming events, RA-UK Official courses are run by current or previous board members and part of the profit goes towards benefitting the society, RA-UK approved courses meet educational standards set by RA-UK, and we also advertise other courses internationaly for our members benefit. 


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RA-UK You-Tube channel

rsz youtubeCheck out the RA-UK You-Tube channel - high quality video demonstrations of US guided blocks (videos available - Interscalene , Supraclavicular,Axillary,Radial, Median, Ulnar, Femoral,Proximal Sciatic, Popliteal, Tibial, Rectus, Ilioinguinal, TAP,and Epidural).


Pocket Guide to USGRA Book

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This second edition of the handbook covers the principles of ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia and the technique to perform all commonly used ultrasound-guided upper limb, lower limb, trunk and neuraxial blocks. It has been updated with all new images and sections on Quadratus Lumborum, Fascia Iliaca, Adductor Canal and Erector Spinae Block.

It is now available to order on Amazon at the bargain price of £22 inc p&p. 

Courses can order in bulk (>15 copies) by emailing support@ra-uk.org.