Joint RAUK/ESRA Trainee/Speciality Doctor Membership

For UK Trainees/Speciality doctors only. i.e. ST 3, 4, 5 and 6+ Trainee: SpR, HST or SAT 3,4,5,6 Trainee, Trainee anaesthetist in core training: SHO, BST or SAT 1&2 Trainee, Foundation Year Trainee: Anaesthesia Internship.

Membership includes both RA-UK and ESRA membership. You will recieve access to the ESRA website and the RAPM journal online (no paper copy).

Please note that with this tier you will be joined up to ESRAs Resident/Trainee tier. If you are not a UK trainee, please contact ESRA directly and check with them which membership category you should choose, then we can facilitate joining with direct debit if you wish.

Please note, this is for UK applicants only, please use the "International Member" category if you are non-UK based.

Price: £37.00


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