1. Sharon Acheson
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  3. Wednesday, 13 October 2021
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We are trying to introduce a regional anaesthesia technique to our rib fracture management pathway in our trust and considering ESP catheter placement. We trialled one last week. Does anyone have a recommendation on a catheter of choice for this block? Any tips on placing them for ESP? We used a catheter over needle Pajunk kit last week which was unfamiliar and unimpressive with only 15mm protrusion beyond the tip.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Best wishes,

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Hi Sharon, we site a lot of nerve catheters at the rvi in newcastle. Tend to use pajunk catheter through needle catheters. Generally we use pvc for ribs and for those I used coiled tip catheters. I’ve used the tsui catheter over needle catheters before and they can be a bit frustrating.
I would suggest you try some like https://pajunk.com/products/regional-anaesthesia/nerve-blocks/catheter-sets/stimulong-sono-ll/
They do touhy and facet tip needles depending on how much feel you want. They are essentially identical in practice to threading an epidural catheter and it will feel familiar
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