EDRA Diploma

EDRA - European Diploma in Regional Anaesthesia & Acute Pain Management

rsz esra diploma logo apr2015 300x270The European Diploma in Regional Anaesthesia & Acute Pain Management aims to educate clinicians involved in regional anesthesia in the latest developments in the field.

The EDRA Examinations Parts I and II take place each year at the ESRA annual meeting.

For more details visit the ESRA Europe diploma page.

Next exam sitting will be at the 2020 ESRA Congress in Thessaloniki, Greece

Examination fees, Part I, €300 (€150 / retake), and Part II, €300 (€200 / retake)

European Diploma in Regional Anaesthesia & Acute Pain Management (EDRA)

The European Diploma in Regional Anaesthesia & Acute Pain Management was created in 2005 with the goal of establishing high standards for regional anaesthesia in Europe.

The Diploma intends to widen the activity spectrum of those anaesthesia specialists who are already in clinical practice and are interested in acquiring additional knowledge encompassing the entire field of regional anaesthesia and acute pain management.

The concept of ESRA- and CME / CDP-approved courses and workshops takes into account the knowledge level of reasonably experienced clinicians. The salient points of different techniques, the overall strategies for their use, as well as their advantages and risks, are stressed in each of the courses and workshops candidates attend.

Regional techniques are integral components of anaesthesia and are frequently administered to high-risk patients, ranging from newborns to the frail elderly. Therefore, the objective of the examination is to treat defined subjects in an encompassing way, with sound knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology related to regional anaesthesia, as well as skills in block performance in a holistic context. A proper approach to acute pain management is mandatory in the clinical practice of anaesthesia and its knowledge is part of the content of the EDRA examination.

The EDRA examination takes place yearly at the ESRA Annual meeting each September. Regional anaesthesia colleagues from outside Europe are able to participate in EDRA Part I (the written test) on the occasions that it takes place overseas, for example, in India and Singapore, or during world congresses, such as South Africa 2014. The venues and dates for the EDRA Part I examinations outside Europe will be posted on the ESRA website with at least 3 months’ notice.

The EDRA examination consists of Parts I and II, which are taken over a duration of at least two years.


FREE EDRA MCQ Practice Site


This site is a great free resource for those preparing for the EDRA Part 1. It is kindly provided and maintained by Dr Madan Narayan from Frimley Park Hospital.




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