Lets make NAP8 a regional NAP

Here at RA-UK we've been campaigning for a regional theme for the National Audit Project for years.

This time, we think we have a really strong chance, but we need your support.

The RCoA are looking for proposals, specifically with a regional theme. Please contact them using the info below:


Do you have a proposal for the 8th National Audit Project?

The RCoA Centre for Research and Improvement is accepting topic submissions for the 8th National Audit Project.

The National Audit Projects (NAPs) study anaesthesia-related complications of low incidence that are potentially serious for patients and important to patients and anaesthetists. NAPs are intended to examine, report on and drive improvements in practice.

Do you have a topic in mind that meets these criteria and would be suitable for NAP8?

How to Submit

To submit a topic for NAP8, please download and complete the proposal form and submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Guidance on Submissions

We would prefer topics related to regional anaesthesia, but topics not related to RA will also be considered.

As a guide we suggest the topic should be:

Important to patients
Important to anaesthetists
Incompletely studied in incidence or nature
Not suitable for study by other methodologies
You should also include information on any specialist societies or other organisations that may be suitable partners for your proposed topic, and whether you would be willing to act as clinical lead for the project.

Further Information

Information on previous NAPs can be found here. If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact Us.


CLOSING DATE: 5pm on Monday 12th June 2023


Paeds Plan A posters now available

Posters for paediatric Plan A are now available for download in the new Paeds section of the Plan A subsite. Watch this area for more paediatric regional anaesthesia content coming soon.



Buddy scheme launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our RA-UK buddy system. 

This is designed to link up trainees and people new to RA with an experienced consultant or SAS who can help out with queries, support training, and generally try to help that person progress towards expertise.

Full details of the scheme can be found here, and the link will be permamently in the resources menu.

Exciting new podcast

Some of you may have already seen, but our past president, Amit Pawa's new podcast "Block It Like its Hot" is getting rave reviews in the regional anaesthesia community. A collaboration with one of our star speakers at the 2023 RA-UK ASM, Dr Jeff Gadsen, you can subscribe to the podcast by going to the homepage, or you can subscribe directly by clicking on the images below.

images              apple podcasts scaled 1


Regional Anaesthesia Curriculum Resources

The material provided below has been curated by Regional Anaesthesia UK with input also from the Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association (OAA) and the British Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Society (BOAS). Suggested content for each Key Capability of each Stage Learning Outcome is provided, along with supplementary reading for those interested. Free online resources can vary in quality, and what is included below has been reviewed and recommended by national experts who believe this reflects contemporary, best practice. Whilst not an exhaustive list, we hope the content herein will facilitate achievement of the High Level Outcome which ultimately is to provide safe and effective regional anaesthesia. The document has been generated with approval from the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) but the content is not formally endorsed as such.



 RCoA RAUK curriculum guide 2021 v4 

71657 format computer file pdf document icon


Download full curriculum resource document. 

Webinars available for members

We have two new webinars available exclusively for members.

Firstly, from 2021, "Confronting the Dark Side of regional anaesthesia", featuring talks about nerve injury, managing failed blocks and coagulation, as well as on how to monitor follow up, teaching during the pandemic and how to measure quality.

And secondly, from 2022,  "Innovation in regional anaesthesia", featuring talks on new devices, new drugs, new blocks, new horizons and a cautionary tale to end it.


You can access both these videos by logging into the website, and they will appear in the webinar menu, along with other previous member only webinars. We hope you enjoy them.

New Blocks: Friend or Foe? Catch up now available.

Our recent webinar "New Blocks: Friend or Foe?" in conjunction with the AoA and GE is now available for those who missed it. This one is RAUK members only, so to view it, please login to the website, and it will appear in the RAUK Webinars menu at the top of this page.

This webinar features talks from a stellar cast, including Professors Philip Peng, Ki-Jinn Chin and Nadia Hernandez, along with our very own Dr Amit Pawa and Dr Rosie Hogg. It's not to be missed.

Other site benefits when you login include access to the full online version of the handbook, as well as the ability to post on our forum. You can also use the forum submenu to add some extra info to your user proflle so people can see more about you, see who else is online and change your access password. 


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